Sage Stick

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California White Sage

Why burn Sage?

Had a bad week or is the energy feeling a little stagnant and heavy in your space?
For centuries the burning of sacred plants such as Sage, Lavender, Cedar, Statice, Palo Santo, has been used/burned in a ritual known at Smudging.
This is preformed to cleanse a space, an object of negative energy’s,
negative thoughts and even bad spirits!
The burning of White Sage is also said to kill 98% of airborne bacteria.
No bad vibes, no chemicals, clean and clear space to start your new day or week.
-Cleansing your space
-Helps with mood
-Clearing and releasing
-No bad juju

-Please note, your single Sage Wand is intuitively selected for you. This special special cleansing wand also comes with a instruction card making it a perfect gift idea! x