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Ceramic Botijo

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Ceramic Botijo - Spanish Water Vessel

Authentic Spanish botijo, or clay jug, made by hand by a family dedicated to pottery since the 18th century. It can be used as a decorative piece or as a water jug with marked Mediterranean character.  

The botijo is handcrafted using local white clay with salt, giving it the perfect porosity for refreshing water in an ancient, natural, and ecological way.  It has two openings; a wide one to pour the water and a small nozzle to drink it. For use, we recommend placing a plate under the piece to collect the water that oozes.

Each piece is unique, meaning that you will find irregularities and work marks that truly make it one of a kind. 

These pots look beautiful anywhere in the home, adding a vintage piece can add soul and warmth to your home. We love these! As they are also a eco friendly choice instead of plastic water bottles.

Approximate Size: 

Height: 37.5 cm   Width: 21 cm

Weight: 2.750